eDurope is web portal, that aims to directly link knowledge and experience gained during the studies, add value to the students’ works and ultimately improve the employability of graduates on the labour market.

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Benefits of eDurope

How does eDurope work?

Private companies, NGOs and the public sector prepare and submit to eDurope topics suitable for students to work on as their academic theses, course fulfillments or other academic works. Research workers act as intermediaries: they filter relevant topics according to their field of study, announce them at their respective university departments, as well as support and supervise their students while preparing the assignments.

What are the main benefits of using eDurope?

An important added value is an overview of the state-of-the-art knowledge and technology and a broad network of industry contacts mastered and owned by research workers at university departments. Direct exposure to the challenges of practice also provides a great momentum for learning and a strong motivation for students. It has a positive impact on the quality of their studies and on the employability of graduates.

Actual topics and assignments often require interdisciplinary approach. Through eDurope, students from different faculties can participate in solving the same problem, each and every one in their field of specialization. At the same time, assignments test collaboration of students in teams and administration of research projects under the systematic guidance of teachers. Although there are ad hoc tools available, a simple and accessible platform for linking theory to practice has not been available in Slovakia and in Visegrad region until now.

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