Frequently asked questions

Is registration and using eDurope free of charge?

Yes, it’s completely free!

What types of students’ academic papers are offered through eDurope?

All kinds of them. In eDurope, we support submitting topics suitable for bachelor’s thesis, master thesis or even dissertation thesis, but we also encourage topic proposers to think about somewhat less complex assignment, which could be elaborated in the form of semestral course tests.

In what way can the proposer of the topic use the paper elaborated by the student?

The proposer may use the results of the paper whatever he wishes for, but the right to use it is, by default, non-exclusive. To the same extent, the work may be used by a student, respective university department (and university) or another person, to whom the student has granted the right to use it.

Who is the author of the paper elaborated from the topic submitted by the topic proposer?

The author is always the real author of the paper - the student who has elaborated it (while topic proposer is the author of the detailed description of the topic).

As a topic proposer, we would like to reward the student and the school financially, is it possible?

In a detailed description of the topic, type in your preferred rewards, both for the students and for the school. Afterwards, with the school and later with the selected student, you are supposed to sign a legal contract (and we will be happy to assist you with it). After finishing the work, the amount can be transferred. In a pilot phase, eDurope does not provide a payment gateway.

We are small enterprise and we are a bit afraid whether the elaborated paper will meet our expectations. What can we do about it?

The most effective way is to communicate with the research worker from the university department, which has announced the topic for it’s students. In the detail of your topic proposal, you will find all the information about members of the uni departments, who has announced your topic for their students, also with the contact e-mails. If your proposed topic implies intense direct communication with the student or his/her presence at your workplace, we advise to make a prior note of it in detailed description of the topic, as well as to leave contact information on the person responsible for this topic in your organization.

I do not have my own organization, but I would like to propose a topic for students as an individual, is it possible?

Surely yes, sign up as a topic proposer and continue with filling up the form.

I am research worker at university department, how can I register?

Select the uni department account and fill in the form. Afterwards, wait for the confirmation e-mail to activate your account.

I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Uni department account, which members of university staff are using to sign in into eDurope, is subject to approval by our administrators. We are trying to respond as quickly as possible, but our administrator may have work overload right now :-). If you haven’t received confirmation e-mail within several hours, please contact our tech support at

I am a student, how do I apply for one of the topics on eDurope?

Sign in to your profile, browse and scroll through the topics. After you find something interesting, click on REQUEST menu to create a new request for the topic you like.

I am a student, will my work be rewarded somehow?

Every topic proposer (be it private company, NGO, public institution or virtually anyone) may give a proposal in exchange for a reward. Rewards don't have to be strictly financial, topic proposer can as well offer an internship or even job, for successful students.

How is eDurope interlinked with the topics announced through the school’s information system? What has to be done in order to have my topic from eDurope listed in our academic information system?

eDurope is a web platform, which helps students and their supervisors to identify interesting topics for study papers or theses amongst the challenges faced by the world of practice. However, we have no means to amend the internal system and processes of individual universities and their faculties. Filling all the necessary information in the relevant information system or registry of your university is a role of your supervisor. If you find an interesting topic on eDurope, please contact your potential or actual supervisor. He or she will surely know how to finish the administrative part of the process :-)

As a student elaborating the topic, am I supposed to communicate only with my supervisor or can I also contact the topic proposer directly?

It all depends on the complexity of the topic, the specification of the topic and the requirements of the topic proposer. Usually, if topic proposer, in the detailed description of the topic, mentions contact details of the specific person responsible for this topic, mutual communication is welcomed. Please, with formal and academic related questions, contact your supervisor first. In the current version, eDurope does not offer instant messaging functionality. We recommend using e-mails.